President's Greeting

Since established in 1954, G.taste Co., Ltd has been promoting the creativity and innovation,
aiming for contributing to Japanese food culture as a pioneer in the food department.
In addition, in Feburary 2013, we made a new start by the business alliance with KOBE BUSSAN CO., LTD.
we follow up on the food safety and security, and new added values and setting our sights on being a part of
the Japan's largest sixth industry and next generation of the distribution.
Moreover, in August 2013, we have merged G.networks Co., Ltd and Sakai Co., Ltd, which were our group companies listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and we designed to maximise the enterprise value through increasing work productivity and competitiveness, simultaneously, we become more active to open many branches, M&A and expand to overseas.
We would like to show our gratitude to: everyone who works in our group, FC member companies with a common destiny and trusted clients,
above all, and customers who use our restaurants and schools and have continuous support in our group.
we swear to keeo challenging to your satisfaction genuinely.
I hope you will enjoy our services.
Thank you

President and Representative Director
Hideo Sugimoto

Company Outline

Company Name G.taste Co., Ltd
Date founded November, 1954
President & CEO
Hideo Sugimoto
Exective vice-president
Fumiyasu Inayoshi
Capital 100 million yen (as of March in 2015)
Net Sales 27.982 billion yen (as of March in 2015)
Number of employees 6,707(incl. casual employment) (as of March in 2015)
Main Business Activities food service industry, franchise business, educational projects, and food processing
Fiscal Year End 'March 31.
Ticker JASDAQ 2694


Head Office 2-46 Kurokawahondōri, Kita-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi 462-0841, JAPAN
Phone: (052)912-0885
Tokyo Branch 2-10-6 Daiwa tsukiji ekimae building 3F/10F, Tsukiji, Chūō-ku, Tokyo 104-0045, JAPAN
Phone: (03)5565-2040
Osaka Branch 5-6-4 SN building 5F, Nishitenman, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka 530-0047, JAPAN
Phone: (06)7663-2030
Fukuoka Office 2-3-12 Brother Hakata Ekimae Building 4F, Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City,
Fukuoka 812-0011, JAPAN
Phone: (092)481-9444
Kurokawa Kita Office 1-8-1 Haginodōri, Kita-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi 462-0026, JAPAN
Phone: (052)912-0298
Sendai Office 2-2-10 Sentall Building 1F, Sendai Miyagino-ku, Miyagi 983-0852, JAPAN
Phone: (022)762-8540
Yamaguchi Office 1198-4 Nishiōtsuka, Nishitakadomari, Sanyōonoda City, Yamaguchi 756-8502, JAPAN
Phone: (0836)83-5511
Kanazawa Office 6-9-2 Ōsasa Building 2, Izuminomachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa 921-8034, JAPAN
Phone: (076)241-1470

Description of Business

Food Service industry

43 Original Brands, opened approx. 700 stores.
we expand food service industry with originality

we want you to enjoy our reasonable, but delicious meals.
Japanese cuisine, anytime anywhere.
G.taste Co., Ltd contributes to create a plentiful food culture as a pioneer of the food industry.
In addition, we take over our knowledge we've been cultivated and expand various brands for franchising through brushing up itself.

As we have a management know-how of chaining stores and develop systems and owned it,
companies which agree to our business philosophy join in our franchise member.
We believe that grasping the lifestyle and values of the people which change on a daily basis, being flexible for the environmental change for customers' satisfaction,
and seeking for the originality leads to contribute for our sales improvement.

Educational industry

Managing 100 schools; Mega・Franchisee in educational industry

As we are the Largest Franchisee, we manage Language schools;"NOVA"and"GEOS", and tutoring schools;"ITTO"and "Miyabi".
In Language schools, teachers are all native speakers of its language and
we arrange an enhancement curriculum of lessons for English or language conversation.
In tutoring schools, we try to improve your study environment along with the needs of either parents or the child. website
  ※Japanese website

Food processing industry

Our department of food production produces and sells products made with wheat flour, processed meat products, frozen foods and sauces.
The factory could handle wide range of ingredients because it mainly supplies them to stores directly, that is, different from an ordinary factory.
Based on the HACCP concept, we constructed 7S, which "Sterilise" and "Scrub" are added to 5S(Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardise, Sustain),
and we organise the education and mechanism for functioning the factory better.

【HACCP】Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

It is thought that "Food Safety" is to clean and organise the manufacturing environment so that it can be produced the safe food, and it has been focused
on the maintenance of the manufacturing environment and its hygiene.
And checking the produced food's safety has been mainly carried out by sampling inspection of the final product. (e.g. inspection of microorganisms)
However, it couldn't eliminate the possibility of the produced food which caused food poisoning.
In regard to it, HACCP method is different. Through all steps from receiving ingredients to manufacturing and shipping, it expects its dangerous element beforehand
and it specifies the Critical Control Point (CCP) to prevent the risk of damage. (prevention, extinction, reduction of up to an acceptable level)
Then it continues monitoring its point, and it takes measures and resolves as soon as the issue is found so that it could prevent shipping defective products in advance.