Toriaezu Gohei


We operate more than 120 branches across Japan. The rich variety of our food and drink menu and our intimate private style rooms make it so you can relax and enjoy your dinner with family, friends, or anyone.

Development of original ,creative dishes

We have put a lot of work in the development of original, creative dishes. Our menu is designed to make you feel fun and excited to see our dishes and dish information.
We have over 100 food items and more than 150 types of drinks on our menu. The food menu has a rich variety of dishes to choose from, which includes salads, skewers, seafood, fries, and many other creative dishes.

The rich variety of drink

Toriaezugohei has an extensive drink menu. From classic favorites to original cute and fun cocktails to dessert drinks, we have something for everyone so that whether you drink or not, you can enjoy your time here.

All reasonably priced

We want you to enjoy yourselves without having to worry about your wallet. All reasonably priced, our portion sizes have been set a little smaller so that you can enjoy a variety of your dishes on the menu.

Relax and enjoyable space

At Toriaezugohei you can forget the busyness of the day. You can relax and enjoy the space in our kotasu built into the floor table seating. We also have space for large parties.


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