We serve high quality omuraisu(omelets with rice) made with specialty eggs at reasonable prices that can be eaten every day.

A new genre of Japanese style omuraisu

You can choose from one of our many type of omelets with rice on the menu. where our omelets with rice are made from high quality eggs that And you can enjoy them at reasonable prices.
A new genre of Japanese style omuraisu is popular among seniors and male customers. We are particular about rice, you can choose ketchup rice or chicken rice.

The security and safety of food

We specialize in the security and safety of food. We use high quality eggs from contract farmhouses and 16 types of blended rice to add value to our omuraisu as a healthy life food.

Live feeling of the cooking

You can enjoy the feeling and check the quality of your dishes as we cook them in front of you.
Also this is the way to provide the security and safety of food that we are particular about.

Quick preparing

We also specialize in preparing quick, fresh omuraisu. Our omuraisu is prepared in 3 minutes to ensure that it is fresh and delicious.


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