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Murasaki is one of the oldest izakayas in Japan. With more than a 40 year history, we have kept all of the good things and incorporated new ideas to make us even better.

Murasaki is popular from people of a wide generation.

Murasaki is an original izakaya that is loved by men and women of all ages. We aim to make izakayas which all of our customers can enjoy with ease and comfort.
In addition to our variety of items on our menu, We offer menus in English and Chinese for tourists.

“Chu-hi”is a popular drink at izakayas.

“Chu-hi” is a popular drink at izakayas.
Murasaki is the originator of “Chu-hi” and the price has never changed for 40 years.
You can enjoy 41 varieties of “Chu-hi” here.

An unchanging menu from the old days

An unchanging menu from the old days makes Japanese feel nostalgic for old Japan. Why don’t you come experience this nostalgic feeling here?

Rich variety and reasonable menu

We offer a selection of yakitori (grilled chicken), teppanyaki (cuisine cooked on an iron griddle), fries, salads, and more at reasonable prices.


  • English Menu
  • Chinese Menu

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