Heiroku Sushi


Heiroku Sushi is a pioneer of kaiten (conveyer belt) sushi. While preserving tradition with our classic sushi, we have continued Japan’s food innovation with our “creative sushi” to suit the evolving tastes of families, women, and foreigners.

Good sushi at reasonable prices

Since our inception, we have believe that people want to enjoy good sushi at reasonable prices. Therefore, we always optimize the balance of taste, price, and atmosphere to provide the best level of service to our customers.
Heiroku Sushi in Omotesando, Tokyo has a variety of sushi popular among foreign tourists.

Heiroku Sushi Omotesando,Tokyo

Originating in Tohoku, Heiroku Sushi in Omotesando, Tokyo serves customers where over half are foreigners. With an English menu and a manager that is also a foreigner, we have been able to meet the needs of our foreign clientele.

For the best tasting sushi rice

Umami, the pleasant savory taste, is the key for the best tasting sushi rice. We only use carefully selected Hitomebore, Nanatsuboshi, and Koshikari domestically grown rice.

Fresh fish of Ishinomaki

Ishinomaki is a top-class fishing area in the nation for its abundance of fish. We purchase fresh, seasonal fish directly from Ishinomaki fishing port.


English Menu

※The menu of Omotesando store

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