Chanko Edosawa


We have been dedicated to “Chanko” for 45 years.
We offer the filling and big portion Chanko .


It began in the Meiji period to eat Chanko at Sumo stable. The Dewanoumi stable, nineteenth Yokozuna began to eat the hot pot dish as main meal for sumo wrestlers there. It is said that the origin of Chanco comes from the relations of oyakata(stable master) and deshi(pupil). Oyakata replaced with "chan (father)" and deshi (pupil) with "ko (child)" and then dishes eaten by oyakata and deshi together were called "chanko."

What we are particular about

Our filling and big portion Chanko made by the ingredients which the cook selected carefully. The cook stocks vegetables which use on that day only, and go for the stocking everyday. Therefore you enjoy the best freshness ingredients anytime. Because it’s healthy, it is popular among women.

Selected ingredients

"Chanko" is the dish to eat well stewed ingredients with soup. We are particular about the combination of the ingredients with considering of taste and nutrient balance.
Our special soup including juice and umami go out of vegetables make taste of Edosawa Chanko.

Special soup

We are particular about “sop taki ” the cooking method that stew with chicken stock. We make the chicken stock with stew carefully so you can enjoy the authentic rich taste “Ryogoku Chanco” which you can’t eat at home.


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