Chanko Edosawa


“Chankonabe” is a type of hotpot dish eaten mainly by professional sumo wrestlers. You can enjoy our original chankonabe which includes lots of vegetables and meat.

Ryogoku Chankonabe

In this restaurant you can enjoy either original “chanko” in Ryogoku (a place famous for “chanko”) or one of our own creative types of “chanko.”
We use special selected “KIBIKOUGEN-DORI” chicken. And our chankonabe includes 13 other carefully selected ingredients to provide the right balance of nutrients.

Ryogoku Chankonabe

You can enjoy the classic Ryogoku Chankonabe (Ryogoku is place known for chankonabe) and more than 18 other varieties of chankonabe and other hotpot dishes. Our original Yaki-Chankonabe lets you enjoy the tastes of yakiniku, shabu-shabu, and chankonabe.

Beauty and healthy hotpot

We serve other types of hotpot dishes, such as medicinal herb hotpot, Sagytang (Korean style) hotpot with maca and collagen, and hotpot with tomato and collagen, which are all popular among women for their beauty and health benefits.

A rich variety of sweets

We have a rich variety of sweets.
We specialize in Japanese sweets, such as anmitsu (Japanese jelly), warabimochi (a type of sweet mochi), and rich tasted shaved ice to enjoy after dinner.


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